Beth McCanlies

In looking to prepare all the needed legal documents for estate planning, I looked for someone with impeccable integrity, in-depth legal knowledge in estate planning, thoroughness and patience. I also was looking for someone that I could trust to shepherd my family and the legal process if I am ever incapacitated, and to manage and guide the disbursement of my estate when needed. I wanted to work with someone I could trust, and someone that I thought my family could trust and work with. I found that person in Harriet Brown.

Harriet patiently listened to what I wanted and needed in estate planning. She sought first to understand my estate planning needs, and what I wanted set up functionally. After patiently working through the details with me, she transformed what I wanted into the needed legal documents that safeguard and carry out my wishes legally. I am so glad that I found Harriet Brown to work with for my estate planning needs.