I wanted to work with someone I could trust, and someone that I thought my family could trust and work with. I found that person in Harriet Brown. She patiently listened to what I wanted and needed in estate planning. She sought first to understand my estate planning needs, and what I wanted set up functionally. After working through the details with me, she transformed what I wanted into the needed legal documents that safeguard and carry out my wishes legally. I am so glad that I found Harriet Brown to work with for my estate planning needs.
— Beth McCanlies

I have been associated professionally with Harriet Brown for more than 15 years. Over that period I have known her to be a competent, intelligent, attentive lawyer who provides quality services for her clients. I have and continue regularly to refer clients and friends to her for trust and estate planning work.
— Edward W. Newman, Esq, Newman Marcus et al LLP
I vividly recall our first meeting with Harriet and how at ease she made us feel. She effortlessly walked us through the process, truly demystifying it for us. But in addition to her confident professionalism and expertise, what we found so appealing is that Harriet is an engaging, warm human being who has a remarkable sense of humor and can somehow transform an arduous task into an absolutely enjoyable one. As we collected the various documentation needed, we would return to her office and we honestly looked forward to every follow up appointment. I just feel it is rare to have such an experience, especially when one had such an anticipatory dread of a daunting task.

We do not live in Santa Cruz, but the trip from Morgan Hill was more than worth it to us as a very fine attorney and lovely person entered our lives as a result.
— Robert and Evelyn Turek, Morgan Hill, CA
Working with Harriet has been both very effective and delightful. Her knowledge is deep and vast. She is thorough and a stickler for detail. She prodded me to think about things that I needed to think about, even if I was resistant. She taught me lots of things I didn’t know. She steered me away from doing things that were, shall we say, ill-advised. She is very funny. She is very smart. I trust her absolutely. And in the end, I came away with an estate plan in which I have complete confidence, as the product of an experience I really enjoyed.
— Scotty Brookie
Harriet successfully strategized a difficult, disputed estate situation for our non-profit organization. She navigated us to a very successful resolution.
— Pamela D. Benitez, Executive Director, The Good Shepherd Fund
I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Harriet Brown for almost seven years. She consistently demonstrates a high degree of professionalism and knowledge of estates, trusts and tax issues.
— Everett Meisser, Jr. CPA
I met Harriet professionally, when I sought her help in planning my estate. She impressed me with how willing she was to listen, and to press me with hard questions, to be sure that I understood my preferences so that she could understand them. Though the process was sometimes difficult, it really helped me clarify my own thinking and set up the estate plan I wanted.
— Jan Thrift